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Welcome to Arkadeo, your online gaming platform.

Discover our wide range of games which are all available and playable exclusively on Arkadeo!

Whether you enjoy personal challenges, merciless competition or relaxing playing with your friends, there is a game mode to suit you.

by playing, you accumulate Prize Points which you can exchange for real prizes.


Every day, we'll give you 4 tokens which you can use to play whichever game you choose, in any game mode you like.

If you wish to play more, you can get more tokens by clicking on + tokens.

Important: free tokens do not accumulate, so come and play every day to make the most of it. Any tokens you buy can be used whenever you like, and don't expire.

The number of tokens you have remaining is permanently displayed at the top right of the site.

Prize Points

Prize Points can be won in two ways:

  • Points are hidden in each game: grab them and they're all yours!
  • Each game mode allows you to earn points by fulfilling objectives

Your Prize Points total is always displayed at the top right of the site.

You can use the Prize Points that you have accumulated in the Kadeo section in various ways:

  • Trade them for more tokens
  • Winning MTPass codes which can be used on any Twinoid game

Check out the Gifts Section for a complete list of possibilities.


Seasons are truly the beating heart of Arkadeo which keep the site moving.
A seaon lasts 21 days.
You can see the current day of the season at the top right of the site.

Most game modes are organised following this rhythm.

You can check out your performance in previous seasons by clicking on My season stats on your profile page.

Hint, It is not possible to start a game after 23:30 on the last day of the season (except LevelUp Mode.

Game Modes

All games are available in the various game modes, so you can play any way you like.

  • LevelUp: Discover the many levels of each game and unlock your personal jackpot.
  • League: improve your records to beat the 50 players in your league and be Number 1 in the rankings.
  • Mission: fulfil objectives and accomplish missions
  • Tactical : challenge other clans and help your clan climb the rankings

LevelUp Mode

In LevelUp mode, your goal is to complete all the increasingly difficult levels of each game.

You must complete one level before you can access the next. If you fail, you can retry the level whenever you want

Every game has a prize point jackpot , which will evolve depending on the games played by Arkadeo users. You have to complete the final level to hit the jackpot!

You will also earn Prize points at other key levels along the way.

Tip: As this game doesn't evolve with the seasons of Arkadeo, you can continue to play even after the season ends.

League Mode

League mode will propose challenges which will put your skills to the test.
Score as many points as you can and become the champion of your league!

In this mode, you begin by automatically joining a league made up of 150 players of a similar skill level to you. You do not select your league
The goal is to get the best score possible on each game in order to move up in the rankings.

You score points depending on your ranking on each game, and these points are added together to establish your position in the general league ranking.

At the end of each season:

  • you earn Prize Points depending on your ranking in the general rankings ( ranking bonus ).
  • The best players in each league are promoted to the league above while the lowest ranked players move down.

The number of players promoted or relegated at the end of the season is recalculated every season and every league level.
You score Prize Points when you are promoted to a higher league for the first time (Level increase bonus).

Tip : Bronze leagues are limited to 150 players, other leagues are made up of 50 players.

Mission Mode

In Mission mode, several stages in several games are selected for you. Every stage is a challenge to complete in a game, either by recording a minimum score, or by completing a given level.

Complete the stages one by one to complete the mission and grab the Prize Points .

After reaching a certain level, chain stages will appear: you must complete them in a row and in order to complete the mission! If you fail on the second stage of a chain, you must also repeat the first.

You can earn a bonus by completing certain missions. The various bonuses on offer could help you to complete future missions.

At the end of every season, you will begin again on mission n°1.

You can also play this game mode in coop mode with the other members of your clan: The various stages of the mission can be allocated to different clan members.

Tactical Mode

In tactical mode, clans set each other challenges to try and steal their points.

To earn points, you have to attack a clan by issuing a challenge. To do this, you have to choose a clan , then a game, then get the best score possible.

Players from the attacked clan will have 12 hours to attempt a counterattack by beating the score you recorded. During this period, you may choose to try to improve your attack by getting an even higher score. In this case the 12 hour counterattack period will start again.

If, after these 12 hours, the opposing clan has not successfully completed their counterattack, your clan will earn up to 12 points. Attacking clans with more points than yours will earn you more points per attack.

Successful counterattacks simply cancel attacks: neither clan wins or loses points.

A player with an attack in progress can neither launch another attack nor defend their clan! Clans can give their members specific roles:

  • Attacker: An attacker can have two attacks underway simultaneously
  • Defender : A defender can defend even when they have an attack in progress

The maximum number of attackers and defenders varies depending on the number of members in the clan. There are only a limited number of changes allowed per season, so be sure to assign them to good players straight away!

At the end of the season, the Prize points are distributed to clans according to their points ranking.


Clans are groups of players (up to 50) who want to play together.

If you wan to join a clan, check out the list of currently recruiting clans. The first time you join a clan it is free (then 100 ). You must be accepted by a member of the clan before you officially become a member in your own right. If you are not accepted, any prize points you spent on your application will be refunded.

It is not possible to join or leave a clan in the final days of a season.

You may also create your own clan, for 5000 .

The creator of a clan has many management and customization options: modes played, banner image, permissions and member titles, etc.

A clan can play in Tactical or Mission mode (or both). The creator of a clan can activate a game mode whenever they wish to do so. If you wish to stop playing one game mode, this change will only be put in place for the next season. If a clan plays no games in a given game mode for an entire season, that game mode will be automatically deactivated.