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:space: Jump
:left: Move Mel to the left
:right: Move Mel to the right.

Bonus : Double jump

:space: Perform a double jump with tuck whilst in mid-air.

Bonus : Charged Jump

:down: Allows you to boost a jump.
:space: While charging, get the Nitrous going.

Even if you don't charge a jump fully, you will get a bonus.

Bonus : Teleport Jump

:down: During a normal jump, this allows you to launch a devastating attack against a Batz. The batz must be below your level and you must be aiming for it.

The teleport jump lets you avoid certain dangers or propel you to strategically important positions. Be careful though, Unless you master this, you'll end up in the morgue.

Bonus : Hangtime

Allows you to hang on to platforms after a basic jump. Please note that grabbing hold is systematic!

Bonus : Cancel

:down: During a double jump, after a certain delay, the double jump can be interrupted thus opening up new possibilities.


Warning: BluBatz are dangerous.

Bulx are big and heavy. On the other hand, they can't see, so make the most of that!

When you unblock the charged jump, you can crouch, which slows you down.

Certain sections allow you to string grab jumps together without losing speed.

Mel is also a game of decision-making, the best player is the one who makes the decision to go quickly.

DesCity, 27 February 4242

##Encrypted Communication intercepted by Black$ter Surveillance##

The group of dissidents known as Pon3d must be found. They have infiltrated our network, studied us, and they know our weaknesses. They have stolen the plans for a sKrill factory. They must be stopped at all costs. DesCity will crush this revolution!

The sixteen live to serve this order.


You are Mel, the most recent member of the resistance. Your acrobatic skills are incredible. A digital war is impossible against Black$ter, so we've gone back to old school paper messages.
As the resistance courier, you wield the most powerful weapon against the regime. Freedom of information!

Level Up Mode
* Jump from platform to platform until you reach the exit.
* Play clever. Pick your path carefully, as the correct one may not always be the most obvious!

League Mode
* Your score depends upon the height you have achieved and bonuses collected, but also, most importantly, your talent!
* Alone against infinity, you jump higher and further to escape the Pulpz from Black$ter.