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Keyboard Controls
:arrows: Move Charlotte
:space: or :ctrl: Fire

Mouse Controls
U Change to mouse control at the start of the game.
:mouseMove: Move your mouse to indicate where Charlotte should move.
:mouseLeft: Click to fire.

Help Charlotte to find her little brother Ellon who is lost in the twisted world of his nightmares.

In this time, the forces of Total Dark have become even more powerful! However, they'll never match up to the forces of Ultra Pink...

LevelUp Mode :

  • collect coins to buy upgrades in Jessica's shop: weapons, speed,...
  • complete levels by killing the monsters and collecting the coins and reaching the alarm clock.

League Mode :

  • collect notes to increase your score
  • collect pink bubbles to buy upgrades
  • go as far as you can, survive as long as possible and get the best score to beat all your friends!