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:mouseLeft: Click on a group of the same food type to put them on the plate and score points.

Make the largest groups possible in order to score the most points with one click!

In LevelUp Mode, a list of orders will be shown on the right, you must deliver these orders as shown to complete the level. (left-hand order first)


x2 : multiplies the food group bonus by 2.

Soy Sauce : adds 5 additional turns.

Wasabi : destroys foods aligned with it at the end of 3 turns. You are strongly advised to get rid if it asap!

Chilli : detonates after 3 turns, destroying all surrounding foods.

Collect enough of each type of food to fulfil the order by clicking on groups of the food. There must be at least 2 adjacent items to make a group
You have 20 turns (plate counter in the bottom-left) before the game ends. You can earn additional turns turing the game.

Create the largest groups possible to multiply your score!