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Stop the enemies from reaching the top of the screen!

You can attack them by running into them. Don't hold back, they can't hurt you.

:arrows: Move Carrie (the down arrow allows Carrie to drop down a level)
:space: Immaterial (you won't touch any enemies for a short period, however, this ability takes a long time to recharge). You can deactivate it again by hitting SPACE again.

League Mode

Destroy your enemies at the bottom of the screen to earn more points.

Level Up Mode

Destroy the safes to open the gateway and escape!


Always be aware of your position: don't let your enemies get between you and the ladders to the next platform!

Carrie is having a teenage crisis.

However, unlike other girls of her age Carrie is tooled up with a huge flail and she's not afraid to use it.

Deep down, Carrie means well. She therefore decided to channel her considerable rage towards a noble cause: stopping the heinous Brutobears who are trying to colonise our world from the unspeakable depths of another dimension.

(Oscar for Best Scenario 2014)